Proteus Maritime Security

Proteus Maritime Security is a maritime security risk management company offering a diverse range of services for corporate and private clients. Proteus Maritime Security provides a credible and professional array of maritime security solutions to allow the achievement of desired organisational aims worldwide.

World mapBased out of Cyprus and with representatives in the UK, Djibouti, Oman and Sri Lanka.

In an uncertain world with the risk of terrorism, piracy and organised crime along with internal security issues, companies need specialised and effective security management when operating in some of the most challenging environments. Proteus Maritime Security offers comprehensive advice and cost effective security support across a wide spectrum of maritime operations to enable effective business operations.

Proteus Maritime Security's ethos of flexibility, adaptability and versatility is a vision that enables the provision of appropriate security solutions that will allow our clients to focus on their primary business objectives and to reach their commercial goals. Proteus Maritime Security is committed to protecting personnel, assets, business profits and reputations.

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